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Lighting audit  

During lighting audit we check current Energy consumption, current technical condition of the luminaires and light intensity and quality of LED lighting. We pay attention to characteristics of rooms and kind of works which will realized in these rooms, we find capabilities how improve workers’ comfort. In the same time we try to reduce costs of LED lighting.


As a producer of LED lighting who creates light fittings in plants in Poland we offer the ability to change parameters of LED luminaires to adjust to investor’s requirements. We do not design only LED luminaires but primarily we design completely integrated light systems for modernization and new investments.

Lighting solutions  

Using LED luminaires is not the only one modern lighting solution. Modern light systems which are efficient and economical are developed thanks to technological development. Lighting solutions which are created by Globus Lighting dynamically adjust to environmental conditions. It could be thanks to motion detectors, light intensity sensors and lighting control.

What make us stand out



Less energy consumption

5 years

With the possibility of extension

100 %

Produkt mercury free

Globus Lighting – Polish producer of LED lighting

Globus has been creating tools for the industry for nearly hundred years. Gained experience was the basis for the project. Current Globus Lighting is fully independent company which creates smart and modern lighting solutions based on LED technology. The heart of the company is Research and Development Department which projects, tests and improves every product Lighting solutions which we deliver are fully adapted to the customer’s needs. Each realisations begins with a detailed design of the arrangement of lighting together with all the information necessary to calculate return on investment. We focus on using technological innovations for economic benefits of our customers as well as improving the comfort of work for people staying in places use our lighting solutions.

Wrocław main station
Hotel room lighting

Producer of industry
and specialist lighting

As a producer of industry and specialist lighting we offer you an individual approach when it comes LED lighting and modern lighting solutions We can modify our lighting products to be most suited to your needs. Creating LED lighting for a given company, we first create a detailed design and correct it in this way parameters of LED lighting so as to the are most adapted to the requirements customer.

LED lighting – LED Polish luminaires

Every industrial plant should has well-litt rooms – it is a priority. As a Polish LED lighting producer we know it well, employers also know it and more and more often pay attention to the use of LED lighting and modern lighting solutions in the industry. Why?

LED lighting is primarily more durable, what is more LED luminaires characterize longer life , thanks to it they work more efficiently. Looking at this fact from a broader perspective – they are cheaper option. The average lifetime of LED lighting is 50 000 hours , traditional bulbs only work up to 20 000 hours.

Another reason why employers choose LED lighting is the fact that it is healthier for the human body. LED lighting produce less IR radiation, what iis positive for human skin.

LED lighting is primarily saving , not only does it last longer, it also consumes less electricity.

Led lighting companies in Poland are also able to choose the right one light intensity or color temperature depend on a workplace. The most popular color temperature in the workplaces is white but choosing LED lighting exist possibility buy other colors.

Big city lights

Unusual LED lighting in the corridor

Polish producer of LED lighting – products

Globus Lighting is Polish producer of LED lighting who offers a wide range of solutions to its customers. We create not only LED lighting but also modern lighting solutions which are smart and thanks to move sensors or light sensors could adjust to the conditions.

In our assortment of LED lighting you can find:

ar industrial lighting,

workplace luminaires,

linear beams,

High Bay luminaires,

luminaires for cold stores and freezers,

Downlight LED,

LED panels, and flood lights.


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